About West Coast 4x4

West Coast 4x4 (inc) 4WD Club was established back in 1995 and was incorporated in 1998.

As with most 4WD clubs, West Coast 4x4 (inc) 4WD Club originated from a group of friends that shared a common interest. That interest was "Four Wheel Driving", a passion for getting out into the outdoors, visiting new and wonderful places where some places could only ever be referred to as "Gods own country". The sheer desire to conquer the elements with man, machine and his gadgets, is shared by all its members. And most important of all, share all of the above experiences with great and wonderful friends.

West Coast 4x4 (inc) 4WD Club has had the privilege of years of off-road experience, with relation to Four Wheel Driving. Some committee members have enjoyed this great activity of Four Wheel Driving together off and on over the last 2 decades. There is simply years of off-road skills and abilities shared amongst the members of this awesome 4WD club, West Coast 4x4 (inc) 4WD Club.

From the clubs origins, which stems back to the early 1980's, with some members being involved within the early days of the WA 4WD Club. West Coast 4x4 (inc) 4WD Club and its committee of 5, have thrashed out a way of running West Coast 4x4 (inc) 4WD Club as effectively and efficiently as possible, utilising all the new technologies. One of our main priorities is to be flexible to change and be responsive to our members needs.

West Coast 4x4 (inc) 4WD Club communication is solely Internet based. There are no regular monthly meetings, only random committee meetings, an annual AGM and the occasional social functions where all members are invited to attend. We cater for the busy blue collar worker, to the business executive to people who own their own businesses, whom simply don't get the time to attend all club functions. We feel that there are many off-road vehicles in the community that simply do not get used for what they are intended for. With a bit of training, there is absolutely no reason why they can't all enjoy such an awesome outdoor activity that we all enjoy so much. So long as you have a computer that's online and a reliable 4WD vehicle, we can cater for YOUR 4WD needs.

The club continues to enjoy very strong ties with organisations such as the WA 4WD Association, Tread Lightly Australia, Track Care WA (inc), Keep Our Coast Open (inc), WA 4WD Club (inc), 4WDriver Magazine, and TCIS Insurance. We also keep in touch regularly with the Jeep Club, Western 4x4, Off-Roaders Club, Quad Drive and Eureka 4WD training. We have also assisted Nick Underwood's and Ray Harris's Canteen Kids 4WD runs. Some of our members actually printed the first 14 publications of the Western 4WDriver Magazine. We have also enjoyed good relations with Track Torque Wangara, Opposite Lock Balcatta, Grapnels in Balcatta, ARB Osborne Park, Robson Brothers (Rob Robson) and many others.

The club travels vast distances and specialises in one day, week-end and long week-end 4WD trips. From Mundaring to Dwellingup to Collie to Lancelin, Jurien Bay and as far North as the Hamersley Ranges and onto Kununurra for the longer extended 4WD trips, down to the pristine forests of the D'Entrecasteaux and Shannon National Parks, as far East as the Gold Fields and beyond to Ayres Rock, then down to Cape Arid National Park and into Esperance. All wonderful and incredible places to visit.

Where else in the world can we enjoy almost all the climatic conditions, from the tropics to desert country to the temperate forests. West Coast 4x4 (inc) 4WD Club gets you there safely and with an incredible friendly and enjoyable group of people that are astoundingly dedicated to 4WDing in this State, because putting it simply.............. West Coast 4x4 (inc) 4WD Club is all about JUST 4WDING.