Name:Crawford Walker
Status:Track Marshall
Kids:Caitlin, Dana, Brandon

Vehicle:Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon Unlimited First vehicle picture
Second vehicle picture
Engine:3.8L 6 cylinder petrol EFI
Transmission:4 speed automatic
Suspension:Front: Live-axle coil
Rear: Live-axle coil
2.5inch OME Nigtro shockies with OME springs
Diffs:Front: Factory locker
Rear: Factory locker
Tyres:Onroad: GoodYear Wrangler 265/70/R17
OffRoad: Micky Thomson MTZ 315/75/R15
Communications:GME with remote head UHF
5 watt hand held and .5 watt hand held
In Car Mobile CDMA phone with a external 6db CDMA antenn
Spotties:2 x IPF Extreme Sports