January 2013
Kidbinga Fishing Trip: Friday 18th - Saturday 19th
Meeting place:10th Light Horse
Meeting time:17:00 hrs
Trip leader:Aisha (Luly) Email Aisha (Luly)
Details:Why not head up the beach & try'n catch a fish, then enjoy a great night somewhere in the dunes & put that fish onto a dish:-) Bring yr basic camp (no trailers), sand boards, boogie boards, spot light torches, bathers, fishing rods, drinks & of course your parents (minimum one!) to go along with all the fun equipment:-) Also don't forget the lollies & sweets for dinner :-)
Participants:Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Saffia, Cyclone, Thérèse, Scam, Tina, Blake, Dahna.
Trip links:Thumbnail1324Aisha's pics

Guilderton to Seabird: Saturday 19th
Meeting place:Guilderton Boat Ramp
Meeting time:11:00 AM
Trip leader:Smokey
Tail end:Cyclone Email Cyclone
Details:A casual trip from Guilderton to Seabird through the dunes/bush with a stop along the beach for lunch and a swim. After that ice cream in Seabird before heading back to Perth along the Hwy.
Participants:Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Saffia, Cyclone, Thérèse, Smash, Scam, Tina, Blake, Dahna, Jason visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail1325Smokey's pics

From Point to Point on S'troiliaday: Thursday 24th - Monday 28th
Meeting place:Cockburn Central servo east of Kwinana Fwy exit Armadale Rd.
Meeting time:17:00 hrs
Trip leader:Smokey
Details:Planning to revisit the area between Long Point and Black Point visiting Hush Hush Beach, Broke Inlet, Windy Harbour, Warren Beach, Lake Jasper and hopefully explore the Donnelly River up towards the ocean a bit this time. Camps will change daily. Please be fully self sufficient for four days. Tents or swags only please. Camping fees might apply.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Sally, Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Paddy, Catherine & Ben visitor, Cyclone, Thérèse, Rusty, Diane, Dirt.
Trip links:Thumbnail1326Smokey's pics
February 2013
2013 AGM Lake Camp @ Leschenaultia: Saturday 2nd - Sunday 3rd
Meeting place:Caltex, bottom of Greenmount Hill
Meeting time:14:00 hrs
Trip leader:Smokey
Details:As we had a great time last year, how about preparing for the AGM in style with an overnighter @ the lake - tents or camper trailers only unfortunately. Please let me know if you are interested so we can arrange bookings early enough. Bring your bathers, canoes and favorite water toys.
Participants:Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Saffia, Rooster, Haylee, Lachlan tentative, Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Captain, Shana, Connor, Jacob, Family Jason, Rebecca, Mitchell and Maddison visitor.

2013 AGM: Sunday 3rd
Meeting place:Lake Leschenaultia
Meeting time:11am onwards - AGM at ~1pm
Meeting convener:Captain Email Captain
Details:Our 2013 AGM will be held at Lake Leschenaultia at the large picnic shelter. Bring along a picnic lunch, your bathers, kayaks or other water sport toys and have a fun day on the banks of Lake Leschenaultia with your family and friends.
Participants:Captain, Shana, Connor, Jacob, Jason, Rebecca, Mitchell & Medicine Tarpey visitor, Pluto, Leonie, Smokey, Noha, Marawan, Aisha (Luly), Saffia, Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Rooster, Haylee, Lachlan, Wizard, Kim, Cyclone, Thérèse, McGyver, Boatman, Louise, Conor.
Trip links:Thumbnail1327Smokey's pics

Beach Run Binninup Myalup Lake Preston area: Saturday 16th
Meeting place:Gull Atwell 45 Armadale Rd Jandakot (just off freeway)
Meeting time:9.30am
Trip leader:Fish Email Fish
Tail end:Smokey
Details:Its been a while since I have done the Southern Beach run, planning to go down to the Binninup to Myalup and may be up to Lake Preston along the beach.Stop on the beach for a swim and a picnic lunch. Bring your bathers and lunch. Its about a 300kms return trip so its going to be a full day expect to get back to metro area about 5.00pm. Don't forget your tyre deflators / pump and recovery gear just in case.
Participants:Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Saffia, Smash, Ryan and Alex visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail1328Smokey's pics

Preston beach to Myalup: Sunday 17th
Meeting place:MacDonalds Mandurah
Meeting time:9.30 am
Trip leader:Scam
Details:Doing an easy beach run with my brother and his overseas visitors, stopping along the way for for lunch and a swim maybe a bit of beach cricket and finishing up with an icecream at myalup
Participants:Scam, Tina, Blake, Dahna, Mark and Family visitor.

Committee Meeting: Tuesday 19th
Meeting place:Captains Place - email/ring for directions
Meeting time:From 7pm - start at 8pm (member availability)
Meeting convener:Captain Email Captain
Details:All members are welcome to attend the first committee meeting of the year with the new committee. Sorry for the late notice but I am squeezing the meeting in between work trips.
Participants:Captain, Paddy, Smokey, Fish, Cyclone, Thérèse.

Blackwood State Forest Adventure: Thursday 28th - March Monday 4th
Meeting place:Gull Servo on Armadale Rd, just east of Kwinana Freeway / Armadale Rd exit in Cockburn
Meeting time:18:00 hrs
Trip leader:Smokey
Tail end:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:UPDATE: Ok, how about leaving Perth Thursday night 18:00 hrs, then travel straight to Sue's Bridge and make Sue's our base camp for the next four days until Monday - hopefully:-). From there we'll do day trips to Black Point and on towards Augusta, Margret River, Blackwood State Forrest and the Pemberton Area. Bring your canoes, tents, swags, trailers, EVEN CARAVANS:-) Given that it is a long weekend I think this should be a good spot to get a few campers in without booking Thursday night. Hope I'm right and please don't quote me :-) Sue's offers good swimming opportunities in the Blackwood River just 50 mtrs from camp. Camp fees are $7 per adult & $2 per child under 16.
Participants:Paddy tentative, Smash, Smokey, Marawan, Aisha (Luly), Saffia, Rooster, Haylee, Lachlan, Pommy Pete, Sally, Dave & Anne Slates visitor, Cyclone, Thérèse, Ross Giddens visitor, Pluto, Leonie, Family Allan, Kathy, Patrick & Riley visitor, Scam, Tina, Blake, Dahna, Rusty, Diane, Rooster's Mate visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail1329Smokey's pics
March 2013
Perth Caravan and Camping Show: Thursday 21st - Monday 25th
Meeting place:Claremont Showground
Event co-ordinator:Smash
Details:We will be going this year to buy accessories for our new Jayco so thought I would add the event for anyone else that may be interested in getting some good deals. Adults $18, Concession $12, Children under 16 free
Extra information:
Participants:Fish, Smash, Rooster, Haylee, Lachlan tentative, Smokey, Cyclone, Thérèse, Captain, Laz, Scam.

Israelite Bay & Cape Arid Bush Adventure: Thursday 28th - April Sunday 7th
Meeting place:Service Station Cnr Brookton Hwy and Canning Rd, Karragullen
Meeting time:18:00 hrs
Trip leader:Smokey
Tail end:Cyclone Email Cyclone
Details:Time to head back to Isralite Bay and Cape Lorenzen via Hyden and Norseman, then east along the Old Telegraph Track. This time I'd also like to climb/visit Mount Ragged & Point Malcolm. From there we'll visit Cape Arid for a few days and discover everything there is to discover:-) Bring yr bathers & fishing rods. Travel light with swags or tents only please and be fully self sufficient with all your fuel, water, food and spares for 7 days as there is not much between Balladonia and Condingup or Esperance (rough estimate with side trips ~ 800 km). If time allows we'll visit Stokes & Hammersley Inlets on the way home. Total trip ~3000 kms.
Participants:Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Cyclone, Thérèse.
Trip links:Thumbnail1332Smokey's pics

Murchison Station bush camp Easter 2013: Friday 29th - April Tuesday 2nd
Meeting place:10th Light Horse
Meeting time:6.30PM DEPARTURE
Trip leader:Fish Email Fish
Details:Due to the success of last years camp, I thought I would do again next Easter Camp out at one of the bush camps on Murchison Station Kalbarri along the banks of the Murchison River. Explore the many tracks on the station including the 60km coast line towards Steep Point.Bring you canoes, kayaks for a great family Easter on the river.See below link for details Costs will be advised as it get closer approx $11.00 per night Adult camping fees plus a one off cost of $50 per vehicle to access the Station.Off road campers only as there is an old river crossing and several sandy sections to get to camp, approx 30 mins drive from the Homestead depending on recoveries required. Thursday night road side camp,location to be determined approx 3 hrs drive from start.
Extra information:
Participants:Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Pluto, Leonie, Smash tentative.
Trip links:Thumbnail1330Fish's pics
April 2013
McGyver Night Nav - Pinjar- CANCELLED: Friday 12th
Meeting place: CANCELLED
Meeting time: CANCELLED
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Sorry had to cancel this night nav due to me having to Fly out to the UK tonight for personal reasons
Participants:McGyver, Turtle, Peter Parsons visitor, Tank tentative, Jason visitor, Rooster, Haylee.

Mud Nutz & Fourby's: Wednesday 24th - Sunday 28th
Meeting place:Caltex Servo Cataby on the Brand Hyw
Meeting time:10 am
Trip leader:Rusty
Details:Trip up to Murchison Off-road Park to view the Mud Nutz & Fourbys weekend and to drive some of there tracks, Camping by the River and waterholes.
Extra information:
Participants:Rusty, Diane, Sparky, Turtle, Boatman, Louise.

Anzac get away Balingup: Wednesday 24th - Sunday 28th
Meeting place:Rally Point rest area 1.8km south of Karnup Rd exit on Kwinana Fwy
Meeting time:4.30pm
Trip leader:Fish Email Fish
Details:Family friendly extended weekend (will require Friday off work) Thursday is the public holiday. Camping at Grimwade Balingup Where Greenbushes Rd meets Grimwade Rd take track to the left through the old settlement camp somewhere near the small dam. Some four wheel driving, wineries and cheese tastings and forest drives. You need to be completely self-sufficient as no power, water, ablution available. Those who can not meet up early make your Own way down should have phone if not will be on UHF 10.
Participants:Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Pluto, Leonie, Wizard, Cyclone, Thérèse, Tank tentative, Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Saffia.
Trip links:Thumbnail1334Smokey's pics
May 2013
McGyver Night Nav: Friday 3rd
Meeting place:Behind the BP service station on Corner of Waneroo Rd & Ocean Reef Rd
Meeting time:6:15pm for a 6:30 departure time
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Doing a night run in the Pinjar region, visit S Bend hill and other tracks around the area.
Participants:McGyver, Brandon, Smash, Rooster tentative.

Dryandra Campfire: Saturday 4th - Sunday 5th
Meeting place:##Note Change## On Albany Hwy. Carpark across the road from Pioneer Village.
Meeting time:12 pm
Trip leader:Kyle Email Kyle
Tail end:Screech Email Screech
Details:I've had enough. I need a campfire. No promises. No plan. Just an idea to go to Dryandra for the night.
Participants:Screech, Ethan , Kyle, Ethan , Pommy Pete, Paddy, Doris, Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Captain, Jacob, Cyclone, Boatman, Louise, Conor, Stretch, Trudy, Aaron, Joshua.
Trip links:Thumbnail1335Smokey's pics

Mundaring: Sunday 5th
Meeting place:Caltex/Red Rooster at the bottom of the hill
Meeting time:10 am Departure
Trip leader:Cookie Email Cookie
Details:heading for the power line track
Participants:Turtle, Cookie, Lynda, Wizard, Kim, Smash, Tank.

Kimberleys & NT: Saturday 11th - June Saturday 15th
Meeting place:TBA
Meeting time:TBA
Trip leader:Pluto Email Pluto
Details:The aim of this trip is to accompany our international visitors to the Kimberleys and NT. Sights will include Karijini, Gibb River Rd, Mitchell Falls, Kununurra, Gregory NP, Litchfield NP, Darwin and the Red Centre, before returning via the Great Central Rd.
Participants:Pluto, Leonie.

Ladies' Day 2013: Saturday 11th
Meeting place:10th Light Horse
Meeting time:09:30AM
Trip leader:Doris Email Doris
Tail end:Aisha (Luly) Email Aisha (Luly)
Details:We girls take the wheel while the guys ride white-knuckled holding the Jesus Handle in the passenger seat. We get the day off, so the boys will pack the BBQ for the post trip BBQ and look after the kiddies. Sorry lads, you have to do the washing-up when you get home too! About a 2 hour drive after which we girls have the option of a 1 hour bushwalk (not the same as the last one). If all goes well, our lunch will be ready when we return at about 1:15PM. Trip will involve National Park entry so $11 per vehicle or free if you have the appropriate pass. Thanks Luly for volunteering. Trip is open to all - no need to wear a skirt boys and you can let him drive if you don't feel like it.
Participants:Paddy, Doris, Smash, Cyclone, Thérèse, Smokey, Noha, Aisha (Luly), Saffia, Rebecca, Maddison, Jason and Mitchell visitor, Pommy Pete.
Trip links:Thumbnail1336Noha's pics

West Coast 4x4 Barbeque along Swan River: Saturday 18th
Meeting place:Deep Water Point, The Esplanade, Mt Pleasant
Meeting time:12:00 hrs
Event co-ordinator:Smokey
Details:Why not get together for a social gathering. No 4wding, let's just meet, play, have fun, talk and honor our long term members. The club will provide all meats & seafood for the barbeque, salads & bread. Please bring your own drinks, plates, cutlery and any toys that you think could add to the fun along Swan River without digging up the foreshore:-) We'd love to see all members to participate so for a change we've added all members names to the event. Please kindly make an effort and let us know who you would like to bring or alternatively take your name off if you can't make it so we can plan appropriately. Thank you and let's all look forward catching up.
Participants:Bluey, Bushy, Captain, Cookie, Lynda, DNA, Amanda, McGyver, Brandon, Paddy, Doris, Pommy Pete, Penny, Aaron, Smokey, Noha, Saffia, Aisha (Luly), Smash, Sparky, Wizard, Kim, Goughie, Cheree, Danielle, Dominique, Rusty, Diane, Liz, Tony, Grace.
Trip links:Thumbnail1337Smokey's pics

Wellington Dam Foundation Day LWE: Friday 31st - June Monday 3rd
Meeting place:Rally Point bay just past Karnup Rd on the Freeway heading south
Meeting time:depart 5.30pm
Trip leader:Fish Email Fish
Details:Camping on the banks of Wellington Dam, visiting sites of Collie surrounds such as Gnomesville(for kids young and old), Minninup Pool and others. You need to be completely self-sufficient as no power, water, ablution available.
Participants:Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Saffia, Jason,Rebecca,Mitchell & Maddison visitor, Smash, Wizard, Kim, Cyclone, Thérèse, Turtle, Allan Williams and family visitor, Cookie, Lynda, McGyver, Brandon.
Trip links:Thumbnail1341Smokey's pics

Dude - Where's my car ??: Friday 31st - June Monday 3rd
Meeting place:Parking area at top of Greenmount hill
Meeting time:6pm
Reccie leader:Screech Email Screech
Tail end:Kyle Email Kyle
Details:Dude: This the first in a new series of trips.
Basing ourselves at Mt Palmer we will be traveling out daily in search of our elusive “Gold”. Now this area is rich in minerals but not every body’s “Gold” is a mineral. One person’s trash is another’s treasure.
This is a reccie so planning will be being done on the fly. There is likely to be large amounts of traveling and / or large amounts of stationary – depends on what and when we find our treasure..
Participants:Sparky, Screech, Miley, Kyle, Ethan , Boatman, Louise, Conor, Rusty, Diane, Pommy Pete, Scam, Tina, Blake, Dahna.
June 2013
Freycinet Sanctuary: Saturday 1st - Saturday 15th
Meeting place:Tara
Meeting time:09:30
Trip leader:Paddy Email Paddy
Details:Cruising up the coast - stopping Kalbarri (Murchison House Station) for a couple of nights - a week at Tamala visiting Steep Point & Francois Peron Peninsula (if can find a dog minder) - then meandering home inland looking for some early wildflowers. Posting so we can add some photos later.
Participants:Paddy, Doris.
Trip links:Thumbnail1340Paddy's Photos
Paddy's Video

Night Nav: Friday 7th
Meeting place:Behind BP Corner Ocean reef rd & Wanneroo rd
Meeting time:7.00pm
Trip leader:Cookie Email Cookie
Details:Heading out to S bent 5 hills in a round about way, probably will be a late finish (No Eagles game this Friday)
Participants:Wizard, Cookie, Turtle, Smash, Boatman.

Mundaring Madness: Saturday 29th
Meeting place:cnr of Great Eastern Hwy & Farrell Rd, Greenmount (next to Red Roster and the bottom of
Meeting time:9:15am for a 9:30am departure
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Just a day trip up through Mundaring, not sure if it will be the power line track or one of the many other tracks in Mundaring. Bring a packed lunch and hopefully we will be back around the 4pm mark.
Participants:McGyver, Brandon, Cookie, Lynda, Turtle, Badger, Billy, Wizard.
Trip links:Thumbnail1345WIZARDS PIC'S
July 2013
July School Holidays Ningaloo and beyond: Friday 5th - Saturday 20th
Meeting place:10th Light horse
Meeting time:6.30pm departure
Trip leader:Fish Email Fish
Details:Trip to Ningaloo Reef includes several different camp spots. Will need to be completely self efficient as there is no water, power or toilets facilities at some camp spots.Camping at Cliff Head Friday night then a bush camp at Minilya River Camp Saturday night, then onto Exmouth caravan park Sunday night, ready for a morning check in at Tulka Camp ( near Torquoise Bay) where we stay for a week.To explore the area includes a few days trips ect... Then onto Ningaloo Station for 3 nights then Carnavan CP then a road camp somewhere on the way home Friday night. Arriving back in Perth Saturday early afternoon. A link with more details will be available next week. You will need to make several booking on this to ensure you get in, spots are filling up fast at several of the camp sites / caravan parks.
Extra information:
Participants:Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine.

Pilbara Discovery Expedition with Go Bush 4WD: Saturday 6th - Sunday 21st
Meeting place:Corner of Great Northern hwy and Brand hwy east of Muchea
Meeting time:6:00 am
Trip leader:Smokey
Details:Pommy & I are joining Go Bush 4WD club to the Pilbara region which has some of the world’s most ancient natural landscapes, dating back two billion years and stretching over 400,000 square kilometres. We would all be happy to have one or two more participants, so join us on this discovery expedition visiting some old favorites and some new sites along the way. Some of the places we will be visiting will be, Chichester and Hamersley Ranges, travel the Skull Springs road from Nullagine to Carawine Gorge, the abandoned town of Shay Gap, Eighty mile beach, Port Headland, Whim Creek, Python Pool, Millstream, Karijini, Weeli Wolli Springs and Eagle Rock falls. This will be a two week trip and will have plenty of time to relax to soak it all up. Suitable for all 4WD’s with some beach and sandy tracks, water crossings and plenty of gravel tracks/roads. Must be fully self-sufficient with extra water, fuel, tools, tyres, spare parts, although there will be stops to stock up on fuel and food along the way. Kids, pets and camp trailers welcome (H/D only). Some camping fees apply… For more information please email Andrew Toth (Roo): roo4wd@iprimus.com.au
Participants:Pommy Pete, Sally, Smokey, Aisha (Luly).

Captain Fawcett Commemorative Track: Sunday 7th
Meeting place:service station cnr Sth West Hwy & Nettleton Rd Byford
Meeting time:9:00 am
Trip leader:Scam
Details:I did this Track at Easter and thought this would be interesting in the wet so hopefully we get some rain between now and then. Plan is to meet at 9.00 be on the track around 10:00 have lunch along the way and finishing off with a refreshing pint at the Historic Quindanning pub before the drive home
Participants:Scam, Tina, Blake, Dahna, Smash, Trent visitor, Mark visitor, Ren visitor.

Cape York via Central Australia: Friday 12th - August Sunday 18th
Meeting place:Rustys Place
Meeting time:TBA
Trip leader:Rusty
Details:Finally going to do the Cape York trip that has been put off over the last couple of years. Travel up the Center. All details available via Email. If you ever wanted to go to the Cape we would welcome you along on this trip. Trip is 37 days in duration any further info contact trip leader Rusty
Participants:Rusty, Diane, Rob & Jenny Shaddick visitor.

Moore River Night Navigation: Friday 12th
Meeting place:Crn of Wanneroo rd & Ocean Reef rd. behind the BP service station
Meeting time:6:20pm for a 6:30pm departure
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Time for another night Nav to the Moore River Region to see how much water is in the river, hopefully cross the river in a few of the known river crossing & hopefully get bogged. Smile. All good fun.
Participants:McGyver, Brandon, Scam, Blake, Smash, Eric (Nissan Patrol) visitor.

Dude - Where's The Rest of My Car???: Thursday 25th - Sunday 28th
Meeting place:Paddy's Place
Meeting time:5:30PM
Reccie leader:Paddy Email Paddy
Tail end:Screech Email Screech
Details:Part 2 - No plan - just looking for useful rusty bits. Expect the unexpected...or worse. Bush camping, no facilities, no personality, no good looks...and no hair. Will probably head towards Kadji and Warriedar ...or Tasmania.
Participants:Paddy, Screech.
August 2013
Mudboys Wilbinga night trip: Friday 2nd
Meeting place:Behind BP service station on Wanneroo rd, crn of Ocean Reef rd
Meeting time:6:15pm for a 6:30pm departure
Trip leader:Brandon Email Brandon
Tail end:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Thought I might test out the jackaroo on some sand dunes this time, hopefully wont be to late a night, unless we get bogged...
Participants:Smash, Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm, Bushy, Eric visitor, Pommy Pete, Radar, Smokey, Turtle, Laz, Richard visitor, Wizard.

LOL Gray SF: Saturday 3rd - Sunday 4th
Meeting place:Armadale, opposite old Pioneer Village
Meeting time:14:00 hrs
Trip leader:Smokey
Details:IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER CAMPFIRE ... so we're heading south towards Dryandra to play a little and at the same time check out the area for some suitable camp sites for our upcoming trip in two weeks. Come join us if you can.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Sally, Smokey, Saffia, Smash, Cyclone, Thérèse.

Dryandra: Friday 16th - Sunday 18th
Meeting place:carpark oppersite pioneer village Armadale
Meeting time:7 pm
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Going down 4 some R&R but I have booked some spot for the tour of threatened native animals on Saturday night. It is great 4 the kids and 4 the adults. Barna Mia is full but there is plenty of camping space. You are all welcome.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Smash, Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Saffia, Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Pluto, Leonie, Cyclone, Thérèse, Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm.
Trip links:Thumbnail1358Smokey's pictures
September 2013
Bring Weekend: Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd
Meeting place:Cataby Roadhouse or meet us Saturday at the farm
Meeting time:19:30 hrs
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Tail end:Marawan Email Marawan
Details:Going back up to the farm. 1 hour north of Cataby. I will put in a temporary booking but need to know approximate numbers and if anyone wants to do the wild flower tour again & sheep sheering or we can just have a big cook up. If anyone is interested we could also organize a drive to Mt Lesueur within the Gairdner Range. Bring your caravans, trailers, tents or rent a caravan cabin (two available)if need be.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Aaron, Sally, Penny, Smokey, Noha, Aisha (Luly), Saffia, Marawan, Smash, Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Rooster tentative, Paddy, Doris, Pluto, Leonie, Wizard, Kim, Boatman, Louise, Conor, Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm, Al Helsby & daughter visitor, Cyclone, Thérèse.
Trip links:Thumbnail1359Smokey's pictures

Murchison off road park: Thursday 26th - October Saturday 5th
Meeting place:First light car park on wannero road
Meeting time:8:00am
Trip leader:Boatman
Details:Going up to the park for some R&R also some fun in the cars,quads,buggy,bikes.Will be taking a boat up there hope there is some water this time.We will have some friends with us on this trip about 20 inc kids and dogs.Dog are welcome as long as they are well behaved. Caravans welcome . Price $35 per car per night.
Extra information:
Participants:Rusty, Boatman, Louise, Conor.

Part 1: Holland Track Adventure From Broomehill to Coolgardie & Beyond I: Friday 27th - Monday 30th
Meeting place:Head east at traffic light on Albany Hwy in Armadale, carpark 300mtrs on the left
Meeting time:18:30 hrs
Trip leader:Smokey
Tail end:Smash
Details:This is a trip in two parts. Part one will head south along Albany Hwy Friday night then camp along the way. Saturday continue to Broomehill then head north east along the Holland Track to Coolgardie. Hopefully we'll have time to visit all the historic sites along the track. For those that can only come for the long weekend you will be heading back to Perth from Coolgardie hopefully sometime Monday. Sorry but I would not recommend anything bigger then a small camper trailer along the northern part of the Holland Track. Please visit part 2 for further information.
Participants:Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Smash, Scam, Tina, Blake, Dahna, Jason "Smiley" & kids visitor, Roo (Andy) & Darby visitor, Al & daughter visitor, Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm.

Mundaring carnage : Friday 27th
Meeting place:Next to red rooster, bottom of greenmount hill
Meeting time:6:30
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:I have Friday night free, so why not go 4WDing. Haven done a night Nav at Mundaring for sometime. We will most properly do the powerline track. Brandon (my son won't to try out his new light bar) Due to it been a 4star trip rating please bring all you recovery gear just in case of a mishap. There will be a lot of water & mud out there
Participants:McGyver, Brandon, Blair visitor, Turtle, Cookie.

Part 2: Holland Track Adventure & Beyond II: Monday 30th - October Sunday 6th
Meeting place:Goldfields Oasis in Kalgoorlie, channel 10
Meeting time:15:00 hrs
Trip leader:Smokey
Details:OK, Part Two: After a refresher in Kalgoorlie's Oasis we'll head 'Beyond' Kalgoorlie north east to Kanowna & 'Further'. We'll make our way north to Laverton, visiting a few historic sites along the way and past some salt lakes. From Laverton we'll head west along the old Laverton Road to Malcolm Dam & The Terraces. Then via Mt. Ida & the Cooperfield Mines to Lake Ballard. Now Mulline and after that the Die Hardy Ranges with a fairly easy hike to Faye Bluff. From there south towards Southern Cross then back to Perth Saturday or Sunday. Please bring enough fuel, water, spares & food for a few days. I'd also suggest 2 spare tyres! Off road camper trailers should be ok on this Part Two.
Participants:Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Jason "Smiley" & kids visitor, Roo (Andy) & Darby visitor.
October 2013
Real camping in the East: Friday 4th - Sunday 6th
Meeting place:TBA
Meeting time:6.30pm ish
Trip leader:Fish Email Fish
Details:Ethan wants to go real camping in a tent (no camper) so heading to Jilican Lake friday night.Then up to Wave Rock, onto the Humps and across to do part of the Holland Track time permitting. Head home Sunday. Expect to turn around in the bush.....
Participants:Pommy Pete, Fish, Ethan, Screech, Kyle, Ethan .

Well Well Well: Thursday 10th - Sunday 13th
Meeting place:Muchea traffic lights, Park bay on Great Northern Hwy north of lights.
Meeting time:6:30pm
Trip leader:Screech Email Screech
Details:Weather report is in so ::: Heading North past Wubin for first night. Then up through to Warriedar hunting wells and water holes. From here we will follow the good weather until its time to turn home. Light camping only as we will be on the move every day.
Participants:Screech, Ethan , Paddy tentative, Pommy Pete.

Reccie: Saturday 19th
Meeting place:Tenth horsre light trail
Meeting time:9.30am
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Participants:Smash, Surf, Cyclone, Boatman, Pommy Pete.

WC 2K13 4WD RALLY: Sunday 20th
Meeting place:Taylor St car park - McCallum Park
Meeting time:9:00am
Trip leader:Cyclone Email Cyclone
Details:A little bit on road, a little bit off road and some somewhere in between ... That's if you stick to the intended course. There will be short cuts which will lose you points (but get you to the beer quicker). The fastest most likely won’t be the winner and all road rules and speed limits must be observed. Any one violating the aforementioned rules will be fined by the constabulary and awarded the 'STIG'. Participants wearing silly hats or odd socks will be awarded bonus points. Some of the directions and questions could be a little out there, so beware the double-entendre you have been warned. Most of all enjoy yourselves and make a day of it and bring the entire family or if yours doesn’t like you, bring someone else’s.
Extra information:
Participants:Cyclone, Thérèse, Screech, Kyle, Paddy, Doris, Rooster, Haylee, Lachlan, Smokey, Noha, Aisha (Luly), Saffia, Marawan, Pommy Pete, Smash, Wizard, Kim, Fish, Vilma, Madeleine, Ethan, Rusty, Diane, Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm, Radar, Janet, Pluto, Leonie.

Guy Fawkes Night: Saturday 26th - Sunday 27th
Meeting place:play ground Ledge Point
Meeting time:11.am
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Participants:Pommy Pete, Smokey, Smash, Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm, Paddy, Rooster, Haylee, Lachlan, Pluto, Leonie, Cyclone, Thérèse.
November 2013
Perth 4WD and Adventure Show: Friday 8th - Sunday 10th
Meeting place:McCallum Park Perth
Meeting time:SHOW TIMES: Fr & Sa 9am-6pm, Su 9am -5pm
Event co-ordinator:Smokey
Details:TICKET PRICES: Adult $15; Child (5-17) $7; Family (2 adults + 4 children) $40; Concession $12 (Seniors/Pensioners), Children under 5 FREE
Extra information:
Participants:Smokey, Smash, Scam, Fish, Laz, Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm, Rooster, Haylee, Lachlan, Rusty, Diane.

Balingup Weekend: Friday 8th - Sunday 10th
Meeting place:Hunger Jacks, Daldivis
Meeting time:5pm for a5:15 departure
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Going to Balingup on the 9th and 10th November to explore the hill climbs and scenery. Travelling down on the Friday afternoon at around 4ish but you can meet us there if you can't get away that early. We'll probably camp at Grimwald but once we know who's going we'll make a final decision on the camp spot. Joint GoBush and Westcoast trip suitable for high clearance 4WDs.
Participants:Sparky, McGyver, Brandon, Cyclone, Thérèse, Pommy Pete, Wizard, Lee, Mike visitor.
Trip links:Thumbnail1365Thérèse & Cyclone's images

Moore river - leadge piont: Saturday 30th - December Sunday 1st
Meeting place:10th horse light trail
Meeting time:9 am
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:heading up Moore river and Leadge piont for a play and camping some where depending on the weather
Participants:Rooster tentative, Cyclone, Thérèse, Pommy Pete, Smash.
Trip links:Thumbnail1371Thérèse & Cyclone's images
December 2013
Club Xmas Function 2013 - Get Lost!: Saturday 7th
Meeting place:The Maze - 1635 Neaves Rd Bullsbrook
Meeting time:10:30AM
Event co-ordinator:Paddy Email Paddy
Details:See link below for admission prices. Club providing some soft drink, bottled water and BBQ lunch - BYOG. A cash subsidy for registered members attending will be paid after admission in amount of $10 for adults and $5 for others. Advise staff you are with West Coast at Pineview Hut for group pricing! Some bench seating available or BYO comfy chair.
Extra information:
Participants:Stretch, Trudy, Aaron, Joshua, Scam, Tina, Blake, Dahna, Paddy, Doris, Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm, Captain, Shana, Connor, Jacob, Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Goughie, Cheree, Danielle, Dominique, McGyver, Pluto, Leonie, Pommy Pete, Aaron, Sally, Penny, Smash, Smokey, Noha, Aisha (Luly), Saffia, Marawan, Wizard, Kim, Screech, Sharon, Brianna, Ethan , Miley, Kyle, Rusty, Diane, Cyclone, Thérèse, Deano & Charlotte visitor, Rooster, Haylee, Lachlan.

mystery camp out: Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th
Meeting place:tenth light horse trail
Meeting time:1 pm
Trip leader:Cyclone Email Cyclone
Tail end:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:camping out for a few beers
Participants:Cyclone, Thérèse, Pommy Pete, Penny, Paddy, Dan (Penny's significant other) visitor, Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm, Smash.
Trip links:Thumbnail1373Thérèse & Cyclone's images

Kangaroo Island SA: Saturday 21st - January Saturday 4th
Meeting place:Rustys Place
Meeting time:7am
Trip leader:Rusty
Details:Travel to SA to spend 7 days exploring Kangaroo Islands scenery and wildlife. After leaving the Island we will spend a couple of days touring the wineries of the Barossa Vally before heading back to Perth.
Extra information:
Participants:Rusty, Diane.

Mundaring: Sunday 22nd
Meeting place:Caltex/Red Rooster at the bottom of the hill
Meeting time:10 am Departure
Trip leader:Turtle Email Turtle
Tail end:Cookie Email Cookie
Details:heading for the power line track
Participants:Damien & Anita visitor, Turtle, Cookie, Lynda, Reece visitor, Smash.

Christmas 2013 Albany: Thursday 26th - January Saturday 4th
Meeting place:City give me a ring if you wish go down in convoy
Meeting time:leaving the City about 9.00am
Trip leader:Fish Email Fish
Details:I have not been to Albany at Christmas before so have decide to give it a go.Trip includes day trips both east and west of Albany details to follow. Caravan Parks along the beach front are all $100 + / night and are fully booked.I have booked in at Albany Gardens Holiday Park 1km from Town, great facilities including a pool.Need to book under your own name but advise them you are part Westcoast 4x4. I have site 33 booked.Any queries contact me refer below for details of the Park
Extra information:
Participants:Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Pommy Pete, Aaron, Sally, Penny, Simon(Penny's boy friend) visitor, Cyclone, Thérèse, Pluto, Leonie, DEANO visitor, Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Saffia, Tank, Debbie, Cameron, Emma, Joshua.
Trip links:Thumbnail1374Vil's pics
Smokey's pics

Wedge Island: Friday 27th
Meeting place:Tenth light Horse Trail
Meeting time:10 :00am
Trip leader:Smash
Details:A family trip to Wedge Island to have a relaxing day at the beach plus play in the dunes.
Participants:Smash, Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm.

Moore River: Sunday 29th
Meeting place:Tenth light Horse Trail
Meeting time:9.30am
Trip leader:Smash
Details:Go for a play in Moore River followed by a relaxing late lunch picnic at Yanchep National Park.
Participants:Smash, Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm.