January 2016
McGyver Pinjar night Nav: Friday 8th
Meeting place:behind BP on corner Wanneroo Road & Ocean Reef road
Meeting time:6:15pm for a 6:30pm departure
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Start of a new year, got the jeep running. Need to get out there and do some 4WDing. Just a short one to Pinjar, will do the normal tacks, sit on top of S bend hill and have a tea break and look over to the city lights.
Participants:McGyver, Brandon, Callum, Pommy Pete, Cookie, Lynda, Sparky, Gadget.

Powerline Track Mundairing : Friday 8th
Meeting place:Red Rooster 375 Great Eastern Hwy Midvale
Meeting time:9.45 for 10.00am departure
Trip leader:Cookie Email Cookie
Tail end:Turtle Email Turtle
Details:Doing the east end of the track stopping some where long enough for BBQ lunch, sorry for the short notice
Participants:Cookie, Bretto, Tash. Scotty, Amanda Jason visitor, Turtle.

Fishing North of Perth: Saturday 23rd - Sunday 24th
Meeting place:1st Servo north of 10th Light Horse
Meeting time:11 am
Trip leader:Smokey
Details:Let's head north for the weekend probably around Wilbinga or south of Lancelin. We'll figure out where we go on Saturday once we meet, happy to hand over the trip if someone knows of a new & great spot. Bring your fishing & camping gear and everything else you need for a great night;-) We should be back in Perth after lunch Sunday.
Participants:Surf, Book worm, Ziggy, Smokey, Saffia, Smiley, Leeland, Michael (Smokey's Dad) visitor, Blokka, Gail , Fish, Madeleine, Ethan, Tank, Debbie, Cameron, Emma, Joshua, Wizard.
Trip links:Smokey's Video

wellington dam: Sunday 24th - Tuesday 26th
Meeting place:cyclones just past pinjarra exit on forest hwy
Meeting time:9.am
Reccie leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:going down for some r&r and 4x4ing. you can come for a day trip or all 3 days.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Hammer visitor, Matt visitor.
February 2016
Leschenaultia Camp Over: Saturday 6th - January Thursday 7th
Meeting place:Leschenaultia camp sites
Meeting time:Anytime Saturday after lunch
Trip leader:Smokey
Details:We have decided to have the AGM at Lake Leschenaultia again. For those that want to camp over on the Saturday night, there is still several spots left for tents and camper trailers (large caravans not permitted). You will need to book yourself, we cannot make a Club booking for several sites.
Participants:Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Antoanella (Luly's Friend) visitor, Michael visitor, Tank, Emma.

2016 WC4X4 AGM: Sunday 7th
Meeting place:Lake Leshanultia
Meeting time:From 10am .... AGM at 11am sharp
Meeting convener:Captain Email Captain
Details:That time of year again... already! All welcome to come along to the WC4X4 AGM
Participants:Captain, Pommy Pete, Aaron, Sally, Penny, Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Paddy, Doris, Smokey, Blokka, Gail , Wizard, Kim, Badger, Jack, Billy, Sparky, Cookie, Lynda, Screech, Ethan , Miley, Surf, Mavis, Ziggy, Book worm, Tank, Emma, McGyver, Turtle.

2016 Committee meeting 1: Thursday 11th
Meeting place:Captain's Place - email me for the address.
Meeting time:7:30pm
Meeting convener:Captain Email Captain
Details:The 2016 committee will be holding their first meeting. All welcome
Participants:Captain, Paddy, Pluto, Surf, Mavis, Fish, Pommy Pete.

beach and surf: Sunday 14th
Meeting place:Oacean veiw tavern
Meeting time:9.30 am
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:R&R UP The beach
Participants:Pommy Pete, Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Ziggy, Book worm, Pluto, Leonie, Smokey, Saffia, Paddy, Fish, Madeleine, Ethan, Eric visitor, Blokka, Gail , Ernesto visitor, Dave visitor, Smiley, Simon & Karen visitor, Chris & Gertrud visitor, Wizard, Kim, Boatman visitor, Cyclone, Thérèse.
Trip links:Video

Boyup Brook country music festival: Friday 19th - Sunday 21st
Meeting place:TBA
Meeting time:TBA
Event co-ordinator:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Participants:Pommy Pete.

Short Once Around Yanchep: Sunday 28th
Meeting place:Ocean View Tavern
Meeting time:9:00 AM
Trip leader:Pluto Email Pluto
Details:Just a short trip around the back of Yanchep, before retiring to the Lagoon for refreshments and a swim. There will be a BBQ at my place afterwards. If you wish to join us it will be BYO tucker & drinks.
Participants:Pluto, Leonie, Brettski.
March 2016
Fishing North of Perth Part 2: Saturday 5th - Monday 7th
Meeting place:Caltex Servo, north of the old 10th Light Horse Meeting Place
Meeting time:12 Noon
Reccie leader:Smokey
Details:I'm thinking of a two nighter for the long weekend this time close enough to Perth so we can also throw in a day trip for those that do not want to camp over. On Sunday we could do a day trip from Lancelin @ 10 am to Cervantes along the beach. Done it years ago before the Hwy opened but not sure if it is still possible, hence I put the trip up as a Reccie. I'll do a bit more homework on it and keep you up to date. If Cervantes is not possible we could explore the area around Lancelin & Ledge and the dunes of course. Back in Perth after lunch Monday avo. Stay one night or both or just come on the Sunday day trip, just let me know your preferences beforehand please. Bring fishing gear, kayaks, beach games and all other toys that could enhance our entertainment :-)
Participants:Paddy, Greg & Liam visitor, Smokey, Saffia, Fish, Ethan, Blokka, Gail , Chris & Gertrud visitor.
Trip links:Fish's video
Paddy's Video
Smokey's Video

Easter 2016 Lucky Bay (south of Kalbarri): Thursday 24th - Monday 28th
Meeting place:Wilbinga Grove LH side of Wanneroo Rd
Meeting time:6.30pm
Trip leader:Fish Email Fish
Details:Something for everyone...bring your boats, canoes, snorkelling gear. Depart Perth Thursday evening with overnight camp at Cliff Head. Arrive at Lucky Bay (approx. 40 kms south of Kalbarri) Friday morning. Must be completely self-sufficient as no water or ablutions available.Camping right on the beach front, access OK for all vans as hard limestone / sandy track into camp. Link below is 2014 photos of Lucky Bay Change of meeting spot now Wilbinga Grove easier access to Wanneroo Rd heading north with vans.(saves Xing over)
Extra information:
Participants:Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Tank, Debbie, Cameron, Emma, Joshua tentative, Pommy Pete, Simon visitor, Smokey, Saffia, Aisha (Luly), Smiley, Leeland, Shayla, Greg Howie and boys visitor, Bluey, Karen.
Trip links:Thumbnail1439Vil's pics

Ladies' Day Reccie: Saturday 26th
Meeting place:Top Secret
Meeting time:09:00
Reccie leader:Paddy Email Paddy
Tail end:Surf Email Surf
Details:Reccie for Ladies Day 2016. Trip closed for security reasons :-)
Participants:Paddy, Doris, Surf, Mavis.

Shark bay: Monday 28th - April Sunday 3rd
Meeting place:Lucky bay
Meeting time:8 am
Reccie leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:heading on up to Shark bay after Easter trip by Fish for some more R&R
Participants:Pommy Pete, Hammer visitor.
April 2016
Pemberton with Uncle Chris: Friday 22nd - Monday 25th
Meeting place:Gull Servo crn Armadale Rd and Kwinana Fwy
Meeting time:18:00 hrs
Trip leader:Smokey
Details:My friend Uncle Chris has never been in Pemberton and would love to explore the Warren River, Culcup Hill & the Summertime Track. First nights camp will be at Sue's Bridge and from there we'll decide as we go. Come along, camp light and of course be fully self sufficient for this long weekend.
Participants:Chris & Gertrud visitor, Smokey, Saffia, Blokka, Gail , Paddy, Cyclone, Thérèse, Surf, Book worm.
Trip links:Thumbnail1440Thérèse & Cyclone's images
Smokey's Video
May 2016
Ladies' Day 2016: Saturday 7th
Meeting place:Ocean View Tavern : -31.649500, 115.735025
Meeting time:09:15
Trip leader:Paddy Email Paddy
Tail end:Rebecca Email Rebecca
Details:No - I won't be "leading" this trip, although I will plan the route. We have found our brave female warrior! Leonie has stepped up to the plate to blindly go where Paddy has (hopefully) gone beforehand. Expect the unexpected. Nothing scary. This will be native forest and sandy scrub tracks - no rocks or ruts. It's that once in a year opportunity for the girls to take the wheel and the boys to chew their fingernails to bloody stumps as the gears are crunched and the tyres are stumped. The boys will take care of the catering and give the girls the day off as thanks for everything we make them endure throughout the year. It will be a barbeque at the destination...of course - it's all we know. Trip will terminate in Yanchep National Park, so no woofers and either bring your national park pass or pay $12 per vehicle. Bring your walking shoes ladies - you will have to earn your lunch. Nothing arduous; a 5-6km flat walk. And if you don't have a female in your vehicle, that's OK. We won't even make you wear a dress. Just come along and have a great day out. Visitors welcome.
Participants:Paddy, Doris, Pluto, Leonie, Surf, Mavis, Book worm, Yoda, Blokka, Gail , Pommy Pete, Smokey, Noha, Saffia, Aisha (Luly), Simon & Karen visitor.

Freshwater Frolic: Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th
Meeting place:Boden Powell Camp ground
Meeting time:2pm ish
Trip leader:Screech Email Screech

We are going out for a short overnighter to Baden Powell. Hoping to throw in a line for a while, take in some of the walks in the area and do a bit of campfire cooking.

This camping area is a BOOKING ONLY site.

We have booked site 29 and intend to take the van. There are only tent sites available and I suggest you book online very soon if you wish to go.

If you wish to fish please remember a rec fishing licence will be required.

Bring wood and all your food and water etc. Oh and don’t forget ya ‘woollies’ it’s gonna be cold and maybe a bit wet. We will be onsite from about 2pm onwards.

Extra information:
Participants:Screech, Ethan , Miley, Fish, Ethan, Paddy, Doris.

Gingin car show : Sunday 15th
Meeting place:My place
Meeting time:9 am
Event co-ordinator:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Going to Gingin for the pommy car show. You can ring me if you like to let me know you are coming and we can meet somewhere else if my place is out the way.
Participants:Pommy Pete.

Pilbara and beyond : Friday 20th - June Sunday 19th
Meeting place:Tim buck two
Meeting time:Tbc
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Participants:Pommy Pete, Penny, Dan visitor.
June 2016
Mt palmer explorer: Friday 3rd - Monday 6th
Meeting place:Red rooster bottom of green mt hill midland
Meeting time:6 pm
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Bring your campers caravans and camp ovens we will be bush cooking. Don't forget the port.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Sally, Aaron, Screech, Ethan , Miley, Surf, Mavis, Ziggy, Book worm, Yoda, Rambo, Pluto, Leonie, Sparky, Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Scam, Tina, Blake, Cyclone, Thérèse, Hammer and Bill visitor.

Mundaring madness at night with McGyver: Friday 17th
Meeting place:Great Eastern Hwy, carpark next to Red Roster (bottom of Green Mount Hill)
Meeting time:5:45pm for a 6pm departure
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Lets go what we can find in Mundaring.
Participants:McGyver, Sparky.

The Kimberleys: Saturday 25th - July Sunday 24th
Meeting place:TBA
Meeting time:TBA
Trip leader:Smokey
Details:Ok, the plan is taking shape. We'll visit the Horizontal Waterfalls were we stay over night. After the falls we'll spend the next couple of days along the Gibb River Road and Mitchell Falls. Home Valley Station and El Questro are on the plan and most gorges along the way. From there to Wyndham and then hopefully to the Ivanhoe Xing at Kununurra. We'll visit Lake Argyle on our way to Katherine Gorge. Litchfield on the way to Darwin and on the way back Kakadu Nat. Park for three days. Next stop will be Mataranka Hot Springs for a night. The return leg from there is still TBA :-)
Participants:Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Blokka, Gail .
July 2016
Escape from the Cold: Friday 1st - September Sunday 4th
Meeting place:TBA
Meeting time:TBA
Trip leader:Pluto Email Pluto
Details:While I don't expect anyone to be able to attend the whole of this trip, you might be able to hook up for a while on your own trip north. Let me know when you're in the Pilbara or other locations North and we can arrange to get together. We'll be making our way up the coast and exploring the Gascoyne, before making our way to Ningaloo Station to camp and enjoy the reef. Once we've had enough of Cape Range NP, the rest of Northern WA is open to exploration.
Participants:Pluto, Leonie, Steve D visitor.

Relax enjoy : Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd
Meeting place:Red rooster bottom of green mt hill midland
Meeting time:6 pm
Reccie leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Bush camping but there are toilet there. About 3 hrs drive to camp. Will be sight seeing and relaxing. 2 wheel drive all vans welcome. Get your postal vote in as it is voting weekend if you are coming.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Cyclone, Thérèse, Surf, Mavis, Ziggy, Book worm, Yoda, Rambo.

Cook up and swamping : Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th
Meeting place:Red rooster bottom of green mt hill midland
Meeting time:7 pm
Reccie leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Going up in the hills for some bush cooking. We will be doing a bit of 4x4 driving as well. Anyone wanting to come up on Saturday i can give them directions to camp. Only 1 hour from Perth can be used as a day trip as well. You can come up on Saturday or Sunday for a day trip.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Cyclone, Thérèse, Screech, Ethan , Miley, Tank, Debbie, Emma, Cameron.

Night Nav at Mundaring (old tracks): Friday 22nd
Meeting place:next to Red Rooster at the bottom of Green Mt Hill
Meeting time:6:30pm
Trip leader:McGyver Email McGyver
Details:Need to get my 4WDing fix and try out my new mud tyres. The old track are open behind the dam but most of them have been bulldozed, so they not extreme anymore.
Participants:McGyver, Marian visitor.
August 2016
Pilbara Explorer 2: Saturday 6th - Sunday 21st
Meeting place:Gingers road house
Meeting time:4 pm
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Exploring the best of the pilbara
Participants:Pommy Pete, Hammer visitor, Frog visitor.
September 2016
Cook up and swamping 2: Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th
Meeting place:Red rooster bottom of green mt hill midland
Meeting time:7 pm
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Going up in the hills for another cook up and looking for some geo cache's
Participants:Pommy Pete, Cyclone, Thérèse, Screech, Ethan , Hammer visitor.

Birthday at Toodyay : Friday 9th - Sunday 11th
Meeting place:Caltex garage Toodyay road midland. 500 meters east of Roe HWY
Meeting time:7 pm
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Participants:Pommy Pete, Aaron, Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm, Mark visitor, Wizard, Kim, Screech, Ethan , Miley, McGyver, Brandon, Cyclone, Thérèse, Hammer visitor, Matt & Nicky visitor, Frog visitor, Smokey, Saffia.

Relax enjoy in Toodyay : Friday 9th - Sunday 11th
Meeting place:Caltex garage Toodyay road midland. 500 meters east of Roe HWY
Meeting time:7 pm
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Participants:Pommy Pete.

Cook up and swamping 2: Friday 16th - Sunday 18th
Meeting place:Red rooster bottom of green mt hill midland
Meeting time:7 pm
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Bush cooking and geo cache hunting
Participants:Smokey, Pommy Pete, Cyclone, Thérèse, Hammer visitor.

Blues in the bush: Friday 23rd - Monday 26th
Meeting place:corner of Brand and G.N. Hwy Muchea
Meeting time:5 pm
Event co-ordinator:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:The 2014 Blues for the Bush family Concert is being held at the beautiful Charles Darwin Reserve in Perenjori Western Australia providing a stunning backdrop for family and friends to gather and relax while being entertained by a talented line up of blues and roots musicians from this region and beyond. The Charles Darwin Reserve falls largely within the Southwest Botanical Province, Australia's only internationally recognized biodiversity ‘hotspot and is home to many unique and wonderful species of flora and fauna. Together with the support of Bush Heritage Australia, the Reserve’s custodians, The Shire of Perenjori has created a unique event that celebrates both the outstanding natural beauty of the venue and the hospitality of the local community by offering concert-goers the rare opportunity to experience great music, nature and rural community spirit in one location. Tickets for this concert are available for all however numbers are limited to ensure the venue is respected. 10am to midnight $54 per Adult and $17 for children 4-17. Under 4 free. Numbers may be limited by the event organiser, so we will need to confirm numbers ASAP. UPDATE Ticket holders are welcome to camp at Charles Darwin Reserve from Fri-Sunday. This is complimentary. There will be toilets and showers but sites are unpowered. You do not need to book a site, but when you book your concert tickets you will need to let us know when you intend to camp and what configuration e.g. tent, caravan, swag etc The camp site is a short stroll to the festival site. www.bluesforthebush.org.au 3rd October 2015 After the blues we will head east of wubin for more exploring
Participants:Pommy Pete, Scam, Tina, Blake, Cyclone, Thérèse, Screech, Ethan , Miley, Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm, Frog visitor, Simon & Karen visitor.
October 2016
Gold Rush: Friday 7th - Sunday 9th
Meeting place:Sawyers Valley
Meeting time:3pm
Trip leader:Screech Email Screech
Details:Last chance to get out into the gold fields this season. Heading out to Mt Palmer. Then down to Vultee Vengeance site. Maybe camp Saturday down Hyden way. Let me know if you intend to bring van or trailer as Saturday we intend to take the "scenic route" exploring some mine sites.
Participants:Screech, Ethan , Miley, Pommy Pete, Aaron, Surf, Mavis, Ziggy, Rambo, Yoda, Book worm, Paddy, Hammer visitor.

Lancelin Off Road Muster: Saturday 15th
Meeting place:Lancelin Beach Hotel
Meeting time:9.00am
Trip leader:Scam
Details:ok everyone were going for the Guinness world record for largest convoy of off road vehicles for all the info see the link below
Extra information:
Participants:Scam, Blake, Surf, Book worm, Yoda.

Garage Sale: Sunday 16th
Meeting place:Pluto's Place. Contact me if you're not sure where that is.
Meeting time:8:00 AM
Event co-ordinator:Pluto Email Pluto
Details:Clearing out accumulated stuff. Tyres, camping gear, kithenware and bric-a-brac.

East of Bruce rock : Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd
Meeting place:Red rooster bottom of green mt hill midland
Meeting time:7 pm
Reccie leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:1st night camp at Kwolyin about 2 hours drive from meeting point. Then heading east checking out points of interest. Camping somewhere different Saturday night. Sunday heading west checking out other points of interest.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Cyclone, Thérèse.

Beach, beach & more beach: Saturday 29th - Sunday 30th
Meeting place:Ocean View Tavern north of 10th Lighthorse
Meeting time:12 noon
Trip leader:Smokey
Details:Saffia & I are thinking of beaching Saturday & Sunday somewhere north of Perth along the coast. Bring your fishing & camping gear & all the toys you might need.
Participants:Smokey, Saffia.
November 2016
Boddington rodeo : Friday 4th - Sunday 6th
Meeting place:Car park opposite pioneer village Armadale
Meeting time:7 pm
Event co-ordinator:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Going to the Rodeo again this year. We need to book the camp site ASAP. Great weekend. Camping is $12.50 per adult per night. 30 bucks to get in that includes live bands in the evening.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Cyclone, Thérèse.

Stargazing & fishing: Saturday 5th - Sunday 6th
Meeting place:Ocean View Tavern
Meeting time:14:00 hrs
Trip leader:Smokey
Details:Sorry for the late notice, but could only decide today. Hoping to catch a few fish & stars and what's left of the meteorite showers from comet Encke. Don't forget your SLR's.
Participants:Smokey, Saffia.

Committee Meeting #2 2016: Tuesday 8th
Meeting place:11/189 Lakeside Drive, Joondalup
Meeting time:6pm
Meeting convener:Captain Email Captain
Details:All welcome to attend the WC4X4 committee meeting.
Participants:Captain, Paddy, Pluto, Pommy Pete, Surf.

4WD & Adventure show: Friday 11th - Sunday 13th
Meeting place:McCallum Park
Meeting time:N/A
Event co-ordinator:Surf Email Surf
Details:Great if you want more Gadgets. At the end of the day, He with the most toys wins. Adults $18 and kids $9
Extra information:
Participants:Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm, Paddy, Doris, Scam, Tina, Fish, Smokey, Captain, McGyver.

R'n R along the beach: Saturday 12th - Sunday 13th
Meeting place:Ocean View Tavern
Meeting time:14:00
Trip leader:Smokey
Details:Heading north again in the afternoon for some R'n R somewhere along the coast.
Participants:Smokey, Saffia.

Post 4WD Show BBQ: Sunday 13th
Meeting place:Pluto's Place
Meeting time:5:00 PM
Event co-ordinator:Pluto Email Pluto
Details:We'll supply the meat so please RSVP for catering purposes by Friday 11th Nov. Bring a salad and let us know beforehand what it'll be so we don't double up. BYOG.
Participants:Pluto, Leonie, Surf, Mavis, Pommy Pete, Fish, Vilma, McGyver.

Xmas party : Friday 25th - Sunday 27th
Meeting place:Petrol station corner of south western hwy & Del park road north Dandalup
Meeting time:8. PM
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Due to most Xmas functions in December we are having our Xmas party in November. Secret Santa to the value of $10. Don't forget your hat's.
Participants:Dan visitor, Pommy Pete, Sally, Aaron, Penny, Pluto, Leonie, Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm, Cyclone, Thérèse, Blokka, Gail , Smokey, Saffia, McGyver.
December 2016
AGM Reccie: Saturday 10th
Meeting place:Ocean view tavern
Meeting time:9 am
Reccie leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Heading north to the beach for a short time then looking for a new spot for the AGM. I have picked Saturday so if anyone is going out Saturday night they can be back early avo.
Participants:Cyclone, Thérèse, Smokey, Saffia, Pommy Pete, Surf, Mavis, Ziggy, Book worm, Yoda, Rambo, Blokka.

Sunsetalicious: Saturday 10th - Sunday 11th
Meeting place:Please contact me should you be interested
Meeting time:Please contact me should you be interested
Trip leader:Smokey
Details:Saffia & I might be camping somewhere along the beach after Pommy's AGM Reccie enjoying the sunset.
Participants:Smokey, Saffia.

An Expedition Searching for the Elusive Tiger: Thursday 22nd - January Sunday 22nd
Meeting place:Petrol Station @ the corner of Brookton Hwy and Canning Road
Meeting time:5:45pm
Trip leader:Cyclone Email Cyclone

This will be an epic Journey covering vast distances, viscous mud filled tracks, colossal quick sand beaches, legendary mountain climbs never before attempted and locked gates. Starting the expedition with a flying trip east for Christmas dinner at the Victorian border. First stop the Grampians to test our nerves on the Pinnacle. Progressing further south east to catch the 'boat' we'll finally be headed southward. Upon arrival on the great southern isle before circumnavigating it in a clockwise direction, searching for evidence of the elusive 'Tiger'. New years eve @ The Pub in the Paddock. Before departing for home with a layover at Streaky Bay. Be prepared for 'Early' starts, long distances and a schitt load of fun!

Extra information:
Participants:Frog (David) visitor, Cyclone, Thérèse, Pommy Pete, Hammer (Simon) visitor.
SPOT data:View WC4x4 SPOT 2

Peaceful Bay Xmas Trip: Monday 26th - January Friday 1st
Meeting place:Truck stop south on Kwinana Fwy, 6 k's past Pinjara Road where all the willy willys are
Meeting time:9 am
Trip leader:Smokey
Details:Looking for expressions of interest for this year's Christmas Trip. I thought Peaceful Bay would be a good idea once again. I was planning to book an unpowered area in the back of the caravan park. Once I have a bit of an idea on numbers I will make a booking.
Participants:Smokey, Saffia, Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Pluto, Leonie, Scam, Tina, Blake, Smiley, Leeland.