January 2017
Wilbinga explorer: Saturday 7th
Meeting place:Ocean view tavern
Meeting time:9.00
Trip leader:Surf Email Surf
Details:Taking Yoda s 4wd around Wilbinga in the sand and beach for a day run. Lunch on the beach somewhere
Participants:Surf, Ziggy, Rambo, Yoda.

A night out under the stars: Saturday 21st - Sunday 22nd
Meeting place:Ocean View Tavern
Meeting time:Negotiable, noon or there abouts
Trip leader:Smokey
Details:Leisurely trip up to Guilderton or Lancelin for a swim, then spend the night somewhere close to the beach.
Participants:Smokey, Saffia, Smiley, Leeland.

South Coast Wanderer: Wednesday 25th - Sunday 29th
Meeting place:New BP along Kwinana Fwy, 2 K's south of Mundijong Road
Meeting time:1730
Trip leader:Smokey
Details:Planning to celebrate Australia Day around Pemberton and along the South Coast again. On the plan are Black Point, Lake Jasper, Yeagarup Dunes, Warren River, Summertime Track, Gardner Beach & Broke Inlet. Please be fully self sufficient with water, fuel & food for the four days.
Participants:Smokey, Saffia, Gertrud & Chris visitor, Dani & Andy visitor, Cyclone, Thérèse, Blokka, Gail , Paddy.
February 2017
AGM camp out: Friday 17th - Sunday 19th
Meeting place:Ocean view tavern
Meeting time:7 pm
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Camping out somewhere and doing a bit of 4x4 driving in the morning before the AGM. Anyone not camping but like to do a bit of 4x4 driving in the morning can meet us at Seabird light house about 9 am. Need to let me know if you are going to meet us at the light house Sunday morning.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm, Blokka, Gail .

WC4X4 2017 AGM: Sunday 19th
Meeting place:Seabird - on the beach in front of the Seabird pub.
Meeting time:11am for a 12 noon meeting
Meeting convener:Captain Email Captain
Details:That time of year again... already! All welcome to come along to the WC4X4 AGM. It will be held at Seabird, on the beach in front of the Seabird pub. There is plenty of parking just before the beach if anyone is coming with 2 wheel drive.
Participants:Captain, Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm, Pluto, Leonie, Pommy Pete, Blokka, Gail , Sparky tentative, Fish.
March 2017
Overnight in the hills: Saturday 18th - Sunday 19th
Meeting place:Caltex Bottom of Greenmount Hill
Meeting time:12 noon
Trip leader:Smokey
Details:A bit of exploring and reccie up in the hills. Haven't been for a while so would like to look around a bit. We could come across some tight tracks so no vans please and bring an umbrella, just in case :-)
Participants:Smokey, Saffia, Smiley, Leeland.

Caravan & camping show: Wednesday 22nd - Sunday 26th
Meeting place:N/A
Meeting time:N/A
Event co-ordinator:Surf Email Surf
Details: Caravan and camping show on again at Claremont showgrounds
Participants:Captain, Surf, Mavis, Fish, Smokey.
May 2017
Campfire: Saturday 20th - Sunday 21st
Meeting place:Cnr Darkin & Yarra Rds (Google Maps)
Meeting time:5pm
Trip leader:Screech Email Screech
Details:The name says it all. 🏕🔥 😁👌 Will be up in the hills within an hour of Midland or Armadale. We have Auskick to do Saturday so won't be heading up until afternoon.
Participants:Screech, Ethan , Miley, Laz visitor.

2017 Wilbinga Convervation Park CLEANUP: Saturday 27th
Meeting place:Wilbinga Grove
Meeting time:8.30
Trip leader:Fish Email Fish
Details:It's been a few years since Westcoast has help out with this clean up.So I thought I would post it hopefully a few members will come and join me and clean up Wilbinga.So it can be kept open for us to enjoy. See all details in link below.
Extra information:
Participants:Fish, Ethan.
June 2017
Mill Run: Friday 2nd - Monday 5th
Meeting place:Alfred's Kitchen Guildford
Meeting time:6:30pm
Trip leader:Screech Email Screech
Details:Have a good old fashioned dinner 🍔 at Alfred's. Leaving about 7pm.
Then heading a little North to Warriedar Station.
Will setup a Basecamp and do a couple days sight seeing in the area.
Heading home Monday.
Participants:Screech, Ethan , Miley, Smokey, Greg visitor, Stretch, Joshua.

Dryandra and Barna Mia: Friday 16th - Sunday 18th
Meeting place:Red Rooster Kelmscott
Meeting time:7.00
Trip leader:Surf Email Surf
Details:Going down to Dryandra to go visit Barna Mia animal sanctuary on the Saturday night. do some 4WDing in surrounding areas. if you are interested in doing the Nocturnal tour, please advise asap so I can book the numbers for the tour.
Extra information:
Participants:Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm, Screech, Ethan , Miley, Paddy, Hammer visitor, Anastasia, Maros, Alex visitor.

Camp fire night: Saturday 24th - Sunday 25th
Meeting place:Red rooster bottom of green mt hill midland
Meeting time:2.30 pm
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Participants:Pommy Pete, Hammer visitor, Howie visitor.

Birdsville: Tuesday 27th - September Sunday 10th
Meeting place:TBA
Meeting time:TBA
Trip leader:Pluto Email Pluto
Details:Visiting the Red Centre and hooking up with Screech before following the Oodnadatta and Birdsville Tracks into Queensland, and northwards to Burketown before heading west towards Mataranka, Katherine and Gregory NP, before returning to WA via the Buntine Hwy and Duncan Rd.

The Red Centre Way: Friday 30th - July Sunday 16th
Trip leader:Screech Email Screech
Details:We are off to see "the rock" Uluru.
From Uluru we will head up to Kings Canyon, through the West Macdonnell Ranges and on to Alice Springs.
From here we break off South to Coober Pedy then a "short cut" to Ceduna. Heading home via the Great Australian Bight and Koonalda Homestead on the Old Eyre Highway.

Please let us know if you are in the area.
Extra information:
Participants:Screech, Sharon, Miley, Ethan , Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Scam, Tina, Blake, Dahna, Stretch, Trudy, Aaron, Joshua, Pommy Pete, Hammer visitor.
July 2017
Mt Palmer slip n slide: Friday 14th - Sunday 16th
Meeting place:Meckering roadhouse
Meeting time:7.00 pm
Trip leader:Surf Email Surf
Details:Going to Mt Palmer for a slip n slide and campfire with friends Will do some exploring and have some fun
Participants:Surf, Mavis, Ziggy, Book worm, Yoda, Rambo, Paddy, Doris.
August 2017
BIRTHDAY BASH: Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th
Meeting place:Red rooster bottom of green mt hill midland
Meeting time:11 AM
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:There's a few birthdays around at the moment so we are going up in the hills for a camp out.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Aaron, Sally, Penny, Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm.
September 2017
Lost in space at night out back Wanneroo: Friday 8th
Meeting place:BP petrol station Cnr Wanneroo Rd and Ocean reef rd
Meeting time:6.00pm
Trip leader:Surf Email Surf
Details:Going for a night drive around the back of Wanneroo. Do some night time hill climbs have some fun and feed the 4wd bug. Out for the night to have some fun. Why not come along
Participants:Surf, Yoda, Pommy Pete, McGyver, Brandon.

East of York : Friday 22nd - Monday 25th
Meeting place:Red rooster bottom of green mt hill midland
Meeting time:6.30 pm
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Heading out East of York, bush camping. All van's welcome.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Bill & Liz visitor, Surf, Yoda.
October 2017
Committee Meeting: Thursday 5th
Meeting place:BMS Office - 11/189 Lakeside Drive, Joondalup
Meeting time:7:30pm
Meeting convener:Captain Email Captain
Details:Having a Committee Meeting at very short notice. Its been some time since the last one and finding a date to suit all has been a challenge. All welcome to attend.... please do so!
Participants:Captain, Paddy.

Flight of the Golden Drone: Friday 13th - Sunday 15th
Meeting place:Lakes Roadhouse
Meeting time:6-7pm
Trip leader:Screech Email Screech
Details:Heading East with metal detector under my arm and Mavic drone in hot pursuit. No fixed plan but will be doing some gold hunting and aerial photograph and mapping around Southern Cross district.
Travelling light as not sure where we are going or camping.

Warning departure time may change without notice so ensure your name is on trip if you intend to come.

Participants:Screech, Ethan , Smokey, Aisha (Luly), Pommy Pete, Howie.

Beech, fish &relax : Saturday 21st - Sunday 22nd
Meeting place:Ocean view tavern
Meeting time:2.00. Pm
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Participants:Pommy Pete, Smokey, Aisha (Luly).

Blueys bonfire: Saturday 28th - Sunday 29th
Meeting place:Mine
Meeting time:6pm
Event co-ordinator:Bluey Email Bluey
Details:Just my norm little bonfire in the back yard HaHa, more than welcome to camp the night vans, campers and or tents plenty of room. There will also be others coming along Come over sit back and chill out. And yes im still kicking LOL
Participants:Bluey, Pommy Pete, Screech.
November 2017
4WD and adventure show: Friday 10th - Sunday 12th
Meeting place:McCallum Park
Meeting time:N/A
Event co-ordinator:Surf Email Surf
Details:4WD Adventure show is on again. Get some modifications done or some new Toys!!! Adulta $18 Kids $9
Extra information:
Participants:Surf, Mavis, Yoda, Book worm, Captain, Shana, Scam, Tina, Pommy Pete, Pluto, Leonie, Fish.

Camp out at Wilbinga: Friday 10th - Saturday 11th
Meeting place:Ocean view tavern
Meeting time:7.00 pm
Trip leader:Surf Email Surf
Details:Yoda wants to go camping so we are heading out to camp out in Wilbinga on Friday night and will catch up with Captains trip on the Saturday
Participants:Surf, Ziggy, Rambo, Yoda, Blokka, Gail , Pommy Pete.

Wilbinga day trip: Saturday 11th
Meeting place:10th Light Horse (if still there due to road works!!!!) - otherwise Ocean View Tavern
Meeting time:9am
Trip leader:Captain Email Captain
Tail end:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:Its been some time since I lead a trip, so how about a day trip to Wilbinbga, a play on the sand and dunes then lunch by the ocean side? Hopefully it will be warm enough for a bit of a dip during lunch. Look forward to catching up with club members I haven't seen for some time.
Participants:Captain, Shana, Fish, Ethan, Surf, Yoda, Rambo, Ziggy, Book worm, Blokka, Gail , Radar visitor, Callum visitor.

Post 4WD Show BBQ: Sunday 12th
Meeting place:Pluto's Place
Meeting time:5:00 PM
Event co-ordinator:Pluto Email Pluto
Details:BYOG. We will supply meat and salads but if anyone wants to bring a salad please let us know so we don't double up.
Participants:Pluto, Leonie, Surf, Mavis, Fish, Vilma, Pommy Pete, Steve D visitor, Steve M visitor, Captain, Shana.

Xmas party : Friday 24th - Sunday 26th
Meeting place:Corner of South western hwy & Del park road north Dandalup at the servo
Meeting time:8. PM
Trip leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:We will camp in the same place as last year, Marrinup camp in Dwellinup. Secret Santa will be there so bring a present to the value of $10 and your bathers.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Paddy, Doris, Fish, Vilma, Ethan, Madeleine, Pluto, Leonie, Blokka, Gail .
December 2017
Beech, fish &relax : Saturday 2nd
Meeting place:Ocean view tavern
Meeting time:10 AM
Reccie leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:A day trip up the beach. Easy day out.
Participants:Pommy Pete, Surf.

Dwellinup Explorer : Saturday 9th
Meeting place:Dwellinup Hotel
Meeting time:10 AM
Reccie leader:Pommy Pete Email Pommy Pete
Details:A day around Dwellinup.
Participants:Smiley, Smokey, Pommy Pete, McGyver.